Bright Future

Her central role (as Trinity) in The Matrix catapulted Carrie-Anne Moss into the Hollywood stratosphere. Moss, however, was unable to use the disguise so often employed by other celebrities:

"After The Matrix, I cannot wear sunglasses!" she explained. "As soon as I put them on, people recognise me."

[Harold Lloyd (whose "Glasses character" was the inspiration for Superman's identity as Clark Kent) found that he could hide his identity simply by taking his glasses off.]

[The sunglasses used in The Matrix films were designed by Richard Walker: "For The Matrix, Walker met with Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and other cast members in the kung fu studio where they were training. He photographed them in styles from his collection, measured their faces and made plaster casts of their heads -- which he stared at until he came up with designs that felt right. He sculpted the frames in wax, then in metal, and had them produced in France."]

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