Dempsey & Firpo

"On the evening of September 14, 1923," Vancouver Sun publisher Stuart Keate recalled, "I was listening to a radio broadcast of the heavyweight boxing championship between Jack Dempsey and Luis Firpo, 'the Wild Bull of the Pampas.' When Firpo knocked Dempsey out of the ring [onto a sportswriter's typewriter, in the first round], I dashed into nearby Granville Street and stopped the first car I could find. 'What's up, son?' asked the driver. 'Firpo has just knocked out Dempsey and won the heavyweight championship of the world,' I cried. Which, in retrospect, was an authentic harbinger of the career to come: I was not only first with the news, but had it totally wrong!"

[After being knocked through the ropes, Dempsey returned to the ring and knocked Firpo down twice in the second round before knocking him out.]

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