Early Meeting

Hollywood super-agent Sue Mengers was notorious for her tardiness on Wednesday mornings, when her boss Dick Shepherd scheduled meetings with the agency's staff.

"One Tuesday night he ran into her at a black-tie function on the Warner lot. In front of a group of people, he instructed her, 'Just do me a favor -- try to get to the meeting on time tomorrow, nine o'clock.'

"The next morning, 40 or so people, including several clients were gathered in the conference room when Mengers arrived, promptly at nine, still wearing her gown and wrap from the previous night."

["Trying to maintain his dignity, Shepherd was damned if he was going to laugh. But she dropped down into the seat next to him, looked down into his lap, and said, in a voice loud enough for the whole room to hear, 'Dick, your fly's open.'"]

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