Louis Antoine Jullien - long baptism

Shortly after Louis Antoine Jullien was born (at Sisteron in the Basses Alpes), his father, a violinist, was invited to play a concerto with the local Sisteron Philharmonic Society orchestra. Jullien's father graciously invite the orchestra to choose one of its members to become the child's godfather. A problem arose, of course, when each of the orchestra's thirty-six members vied for the privilege. An agreement was finally reached whereby the infant -- held by the society's secretary at the font -- was duly baptized with all thirty-six names: Louis George Maurice Adolphe Roche Albert Abel Antonio Alexandre Noë Jean Lucien Daniel Eugène Joseph-le-brun Joseph-Barême Thomas Thomas Thomas-Thomas Pierre Arbon Pierre-Maurel Barthélemi Artus Alphonse Bertrand Dieudonné Emanuel Josué Vincent Luc Michel Jules-de-la-plane Jules-Bazin Julio César Jullien.

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