Philip K. Dick: Strange Coincidence

"About four years after

[Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said] was published,

[Philip K. Dick] was at this party and he met this woman who had the same name as the woman character in the book, and she had a boyfriend with the same name as the boyfriend character in the book. And she was having an affair with this guy, you know, the chief-of-police. And, he had the same name as the chief-of-police in his book.

"So, she's telling him all this stuff from her life, and everything she's saying is right out of his book, so that's really freaking him out, but ya know, but what can he do? And then, shortly after that, he was going to mail a letter, and he saw this kind of, um, dangerous shady looking guy standing by his car.

"But, instead of avoiding him, which he said he usually would have done, he just walked right up to him and said, 'Can I help you?' and the guy said, 'Yeah, I ran out of gas.'

"So he pulls out his money and he hands him some money, which he says he never would have done. And then he gets home and he thinks: well, wait a second, this guy can't get to a gas station, he's out of gas.

"So, he gets back in his car, he goes and finds the guy, takes him to the gas station, and as he's pulling up to the gas station, he realizes: Hey, this is in my book too... this exact station, this exact guy... everything.

"So, this whole episode is kinda creepy right? And he's telling his priest about it... describing how he wrote this book and then four years later all these things happened to him, and as he's telling it to him, the priest says, 'That's the Book of Acts. You're describing the Book of Acts.'

"And he's like, 'I've never read the Book of Acts.' So he goes home and reads the Book of Acts, and it's uncanny. Even the characters' names are the same as in the Bible..."

["The Book of Acts takes place in 50 A.D., when it was written, supposedly. So Philip K. Dick had this theory: that time was an illusion, and that we were all actually in 50 A.D. and the reason that he had written this book was that he had somehow momentarily punctured through this illusion, this veil of time, and what he had seen there was what was going on in the Book of Acts. And he was really into Gnosticism, and this idea that this demi-urge, or demon, had created this illusion of time to make us forget that Christ was about to return and the Kingdom of God was about to arrive. And that we're all in 50 A.D. and there is someone trying to make us forget that God is imminent. And that's what time is, that's what all of history is. It's just kind of this continuous daydream, or distraction."]

[Though he gained a cult reputation as an LSD author, Philip K. Dick took the drug only once and hated it.]

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