Kiev (Reuters) -- A Ukrainian businessman who bought a pager for each member of his staff as a New Year gift was so alarmed when all 50 of them went off at the same time that he drove his car into a lamp post. The unnamed businessman was returning from the pager shop when the accident happened. With no more than 100 meters to go to the office, the 50 pagers on the back seat suddenly burst out screeching. The businessman's fright was such that he simply let go of the steering wheel and the car ploughed into a lamp post. After he had assessed the damage to the car, the businessman turned his attention to the message on the 50 pagers. It read: "Congratulations on a successful purchase!"

["Researchers from NTT Docomo Multimedia Labs and NTT Microsystem Integration Labs in Japan have demonstrated a 10-megabits-per second indoor network that uses human bodies as portable ethernet cables," Technology Research News reported in 2003. "The network, dubbed ElectAura-Net, is wireless, but instead of using radio waves, infrared light or microwaves to transmit information, it uses a combination of the electrical field that emanates from humans and a similar field emanating from special floor tiles."]

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