Julianne Moooore

Perhaps understandably, Julianne Moore found filming certain scenes during the production of Hannibal absolutely terrifying. Perhaps less understandably, she found one scene particularly terrifying...

"Very near the end, the last couple of days of shooting, we did these driving sequences," she recalled. "I was supposed to drive across a beautiful, pastoral piece of land, open a gate, and drive through with the cows.

"It was the first take, and there I was in my big redneck Mustang, and the cows didn't move. People were screaming, 'Just honk your horn!'

"I was trapped, with the cows all pressed up against the car. When you're very, very close to a great big mother cow who won't move, it's really terrifying.

"The crew was in stitches; Ridley was beside himself with laughter. They couldn't believe, after all the things I had done -- the guns, the boars, the running, the falling -- that what scared me most were these big, stupid cows.

"I sat there for a long time and eventually drove around them, parked, and ran. I left the car in the middle of the field."

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