One day during World War II, Winston Churchill visited a naval base to observe the "Asdic" anti-submarine defense system in action.

Taken to an area well populated with submerged wrecks, Churchill watched as the system located a target and a depth-charge was dropped overboard. Moments later, a tremendous underwater explosion rocked the ship and several pieces of wreckage surfaced -- among them an intact door emblazoned with the letters "W. C."

"The navy always knew," Churchill later quipped, "how to pay proper compliments."

['W.C.' is English slang for a toilet (water closet).]

[In April 1943, the U.S.S. O'Bannon encountered a Japanese submarine on patrol off the Solomon Islands. The American crew shot off the sub's conning tower, preventing it from diving, but the sub moved so close to the ship that the O'Bannon's big guns couldn't hit it. When the Japanese sailors came topside to fight, the O'Bannon's quick-witted crewmen hammered them with... potatoes. Thinking they were grenades, the Japanese panicked, dropped their guns, tried to submerge the sub, and sank into oblivion. (Maxim magazine)]

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