Frank Gehry, Architect?

Though sculptor Richard Serra and famed architect Frank Gehry were friends, Gehry's iconic status once caused something of a rift.

"I draw better in my sculpture than he draws in his architecture," Serra once declared on 'Charlie Rose'. "Frank is parading right now, and so are all of these mouthpiece critics that, you know, support him as 'The Artist.'... Hogwash. Don't believe it."

Though Serra later apologized, many agreed that he had a point: When a show entitled "Frank Gehry, Architect," was held in 2001 at the Guggenheim museum in New York, it drew 397,032 visitors -- more than any other show in the museum's illustrious history.

["We're in a time right now when the architect kind of rules," Serra once said, "and the art is kind of a sideshow."]

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