Moby "Fans"

One day in 2002, Moby was dismayed to learn that his personal email address had been published on the internet and he had begun to receive vast quantities of hate mail.

His solution? He changed his address and rigged up an autoresponder to reply to "fans" who mailed him at the old one, each of whom received the following message:

"Thanks for your interest in Moby! As a Moby fan you have been automatically registered in the Moby Fan Club! As a member of the Moby Fan Club you will be kept updated with all of the latest news about Moby!"

["Ironically enough, some people who've sent me hate mail have been very upset at the thought of being part of the 'Moby Fan Club,'" he remarked. "It's amusing and ironic to me that someone who thinks it's appropriate to send hate mail to a complete stranger would get offended by being automatically enrolled in that person's fan club."]

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