Sure Thing

One weekend, the legendary producer Jack Warner went to the races at Hollywood Park with director Mervyn LeRoy. LeRoy, famed for his knowledge of racing, cultivated relationships with jockeys and trainers and always had inside information about the horses. "Jack," he said, "I know a horse in the last race that looks good." Warner asked the horse's name. "Sh-h-h," LeRoy cryptically replied. "Don't ask me now." Though Jack continued to prod LeRoy for a tip, he refused to answer until the race approached. "Now, Jack," LeRoy said at last, "it's absolutely vital to say absolutely nothing. Even after the race, don't give away his name. Just follow me to the ticket window and buy what I buy." Warner obediently tiptoed after LeRoy to the wicket and put his money on #8 to win, even peeking over his shoulder to make sure no one was listening. "Now remember," LeRoy admonished again as they returned to the clubhouse, "not a word!"

Sure enough, LeRoy's horse came in... dead last. Some time later, Warner returned home and promptly sent LeRoy a telegram: "Now can I tell?"

[In 1973 Secretariat, the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years, set two world records and won the Belmont by an incredible 31 lengths. When Secretariat died in 1989, an autopsy revealed a 22-pound heart (three times the average size).]

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