Eddie Murphy: Oh, Crap

One day on his way to the "Saturday Night Live" set, Eddie Murphy pulled up in front of Rockefeller Center and stepped out of his Porsche -- and into a giant pile of doggie doo. Murphy looked down and winced. Then he simply untied his shoes and left them on the sidewalk.

[Among Murphy's classic SNL characters? Mr. Robinson, Buckwheat, disgruntled and angry Gumby, and prison poet Tyrone Green, whose "Cill my Landlord" once won a prison poetry contest:
Dark and lonely on a summer night
Cill my landlord, Cill my landlord
The watchdog's barking,
Do he bite?

Cill my landlord, Cill my landlord
Slip into his window, break his neck
Then his house I start to wreck
Got no reason
What the heck?

Cill my landlord, Cill my landlord
C-I-L-L my landlord]

[In May 2003, the city of Vienna began installing stainless steel toilets around the Austrian capital... for dogs. (The city's 100,000 dogs were leaving 40 tonnes of excrement on its sidewalks every day. The corresponding figure for New York City before the "pooper-scooper" law was passed in 1978? 175 tons per day.)]

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