Anal Eroticism

Marilyn Monroe was not noted for her intellect. One day on the set of River of No Return, Robert Mitchum found the sex bomb poring over a dictionary of Freudian terms and asked her why she was reading it. "I feel one should know how to discuss oneself," she replied. Mitchum asked what chapter she was reading. "Anal Eroticism," she explained. "That's charming," Mitchum drily replied. "And do you think that will come up in a discussion?" Monroe elected to ignore his question and returned to her reading. Some time later, however, she looked up and asked a question of her own: "What is eroticism?" Mitchum explained and she continued reading once again. A moment later, however, she looked up again with another question: "What's anal?"

[Among Monroe's lines in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? "I always love finding new places to wear diamonds!"]

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