Ocean's Eleven cast pranks producer Jerry Weintraub

During the production of Ocean's Eleven in Las Vegas, famed practical joker George Clooney enlisted Matt Damon and Julia Roberts to assist him with his masterwork: The trio, staying with the rest of the cast at the Bellagio Hotel, took to hauling the casino's giant statues and plants to the front of producer Jerry Weintraub's villa late at night.

"Every day he'd have something else outside his door so he couldn't get out," Clooney later recalled with relish. "One time he was wearing these tight spandex bicycle shorts, and he opened the door, and I went to Matt, 'Remind me never to get old,' and

[Weintraub] went, 'Hey, f--- you!' So, the next night we took the statue, and Julia, Matt, and I got black trash bags and taped and molded them to look like bicycle shorts on the statue."

[Among Clooney's other gags: Saran-wrapping Weintraub's toilet ("When I came in to pee one night," the producer recalls, "it went all over!"); calling the front desk, impersonating Weintraub, and ordering 5 am wake-up calls ("Hello? I didn't leave any goddamn f---ing wake-up calls! Clooney!"); and covering the napping producer in M&M's.]

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