Absent-minded Creator

After a devastating electrical storm one day, Thomas Edison was visited by a group of vestrymen seeking advice regarding the erection of lightning rods on a certain building in Orange, New Jersey.

Edison asked the men what kind of building it was. "A church," they replied. "By all means put lightning rods on," Edison advised. "You know Providence is absent-minded at times!"

[The entourage included attendants to pitch tents and Ford's personal chef to prepare meals in a custom-designed vehicle equipped with a gasoline-powered stove and a fold-down table with seating for twenty. Many trips were followed by the press and the camp sites were occasionally visited by American presidents.]

[Edison, though quite deaf at the time, served as the group navigator and insisted upon using the dirt trails rather than the newfangled gravel roads. During these trips he rarely shaved or combed his hair. In fact, whenever Firestone snuck into town for a "city shave," Edison would make smart comments about his 'tenderfootedness'.]

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