"This was one of the first films in CinemaScope," Peter Ustinov once recalled of The Egyptian, "and [director Michael Curtiz] was fascinated with the new process.

"'In de nex shot, you coom from house, vispe in de ear otter actor secret' -- I went up to Purdom [the other actor] and whispered something in his ear. Curtiz yelled 'Cut!' This was puzzling because I had done exactly as he asked.

"'No goot! Dis is Zinemascop, vide shkreen -- ven you visper, muss be four feet apart!'"

[Fritz Lang's verdict of CinemaScope? "It's only good for funerals and snakes."]

[Curtiz was a close second to Samuel Goldwyn for the title of Hollywood blooper king. Among his classic remarks: "You're always interrupting me in the middle of my mistakes!" and "You can't do it that way -- you spoil the anticlimax."]

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