In March 2003, Pennsylvania State Senator Gerald LaValle was astonished to find the Senate chamber at loggerheads with the House of Representatives -- over the declaration of an official state cookie.

Both chambers tabled new bills (with the state Senate favoring the chocolate chip cookie and the House of Representatives opting for a sugar cookie) after those introduced in 2001 were abandoned in the wake of September 11th.

"To be honest," LaValle wryly remarked, "I'd be much more concerned with passing a state budget than a state cookie."

[In 2003, a similar row broke out across the Atlantic between bakers in Cornwall and Cumbria over the Cornish Pasty.]

[In 2004, former Family Circle editor Nancy Lloyd predicted that George W. Bush would beat John Kerry in the forthcoming election -- because Laura Bush's oatmeal chocolate-chunk cookies would beat Teresa Kerry's pumpkin-spice cookies in the magazine's recipe contest. "It comes down to chocolate," she said. "Pumpkin-spice cookies -- we might as well call the election now! Put a spatula in it, it's done." Family Circle readers had voted correctly in the previous three elections.]

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