Mommie Dearest

Joan Crawford was the prototypical demented mother, forcing her adopted children (acquired on the black market) to call her "Mommie Dearest" and abide by a set of draconian rules.

One night Christina awoke to find her mother rummaging through her closet. having found a clothes hanger, Crawford waved it in her face and screamed: "No wire hangers!"

She also forced Christopher to wear a harness (called a "sleep safe") when he went to bed. Christina often risked beatings to let him out to go to the bathroom.

Crawford even refused to let her own mother (a grim reminder of her impoverished past) see her children. On one occasion, however, she did relent and let her see them -- but only through a screen door.

["It doesn't look like you," Joan declared upon seeing Christopher's newborn daughter. "It's probably a bastard."]

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