Sammy Davis Handicap

One day in the 1950s, Sammy Davis, Jr lost his left eye in a car crash (on his way to record the theme song for Six Bridges to Cross).

One day in the 1960s, he converted to Judaism and began to refer to God as "the cat upstairs."

And one day in the 1970s, he was asked about his golf handicap. "My handicap?" he replied. "Man, I am a one-eyed, black Jew! That's my handicap!"

[Sammy's blindness was caused by the pointed cone which, for reasons known only to the car's designers, adorned his Chevrolet's steering wheel!]

[Davis, Jr left an estate more than $5 million in debt. "Sammy had it all," Phyllis Diller later remarked. "He just never bothered to pay for it."]

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