Clark Gable: King of Hollywood?

Clark Gable's wife Carole Lombard once gave him a hand-knitted penis warmer as a gift. It did not require much time to produce...

"God knows I love Clark, but he's the worst lay in town," Lombard once explained. "If Clark had one inch less, he'd be 'the queen of Hollywood' instead of 'the king'!"

[Gable once rejected the advances of Lupe "the Mexican Spitfire" Velez, explaining that "she'll be blabbing it all over town the next day what a lousy lay I am." Vivian Leigh later complained that his breath was unbearable because of his dentures. His preferred love-making technique? One minute of concerted effort.]

[Gable claimed to have had sex in a canoe, on a fire escape, and in a telephone booth.]

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