Judy Garland: Four Seasons

By the mid 1950s, with her career faltering and her drug habit spiraling out of control, Judy Garland found herself in serious debt. In a bid to save money she often failed to pay her bills.

On one occasion, Garland dressed herself and her children (including Liza Minnelli) in layer upon layer upon layer of clothing so they could sneak out of a hotel without their suitcases.

[Garland's behavior during this period grew increasingly erratic. She once chased a governess away with a hot iron and on another occasion threw a platter of shrimp creole across the room. "At a party my late wife and I gave at our house in Beverly Hills," Dominic Dunne later recalled, "Judy locked herself in our bathroom and either pinched or ingested every pill in the medicine cabinet. We had to call a locksmith to open the door!"]

[When Garland complained that she had never really seen any of the money she had made in films, Freddie Fields (her manager) and David Begelman visited her hotel suite after one of her concerts with a big brown paper bag full of money so that she could run her hands through it and throw it into the air.]

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