In June 1995, Hugh Grant paid a prostitute named Divine Brown $60 for oral sex. Los Angeles police watched the deal going down in Grant's BMW for a few minutes before interrupting the couple in the middle of a "lewd act."

Brown (who was sentenced to six months in jail and a $1,350 fine) later revealed that the whole incident might have been avoided had Grant simply coughed up another $40 to go back to her place instead of doing it in the car.

[The LAPD faxed a report to the London Times in a record 33 minutes. Grant's subsequent appearance on "The Tonight Show" brought Leno his highest ratings ever.]

[According to Elizabeth Hurley, Grant enjoyed seeing her dressed in tiny hot pants and knee-length white boots. He also liked wearing mint-flavored condoms and writing such poetic gems as: "Hurley to bed, Hurley to rise, Puts the sparkle in my Mickey Blue Eyes."]

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