Shopping Spree

"I was walking down Madison Avenue," Tony Randall once recalled, "and I saw a very good-looking tie in a shop window. So I went in and before I could say anything, the manager said, 'Oh, Tony Randall! In my store! Please, just a minute, I gotta call my wife, she'll never believe me!'

"He calls her up and says to me, 'Here, say hello, say anything, talk to my wife! Say anything!' He flattered me so much that I bought the tie, bought six shirts... I didn't have enough money. I said, 'Will you take a check?' He said, 'Do you have any identification?'"

[In October 2003, a Lisbon clothing store offered free designer wear to anyone who dared to shop naked. About 70 shoppers wrapped in towels queued in the street in front of hundreds of onlookers before dropping their towels and storming inside.]

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