Joint Offering

"Marijuana is like sex," Willie Nelson once declared. "If I don't do it every day, I get a headache." After playing a concert at the White House in 1978, Nelson accepted President Jimmy Carter's invitation to have him stay as a guest for the night. Before turning in, he wandered up to the roof and enjoyed "a big fat Austin torpedo."

[Years later Nelson was asked whether he would sneak up onto the roof of the White House to fire up a joint if President George W. Bush invited him over. "It'd be my pleasure," Nelson declared, "but I doubt very seriously it'd be his intention to have me over!"]

[When Nelson's Tennessee farm, Ridgetop, burned down on Christmas Eve 1969, he plunged back into the ruins to rescue "Trigger" (his Martin classical guitar) -- and "two pounds of Colombian 'tea.'"]

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