For Real?

British comedian Ali G once interviewed famed feminist professor Sue Less, the director of the Center for Research in Ethnicity and Gender, on British Television:

Ali: A lot of boys me know is trying to get their girlfriends into feminism. Do you think that is right?

Sue: Yes, I do actually. I think it's a good thing.

Ali: Do you think all girls should try feminism at least once?

Sue: Well, girls today often don't realise how much they've benefited from feminism.

Ali: But do you think it is right when they try feminism when they is drunk at a party or whatever with a few mates?

Sue: What does 'trying feminism' mean?

Ali: You know, try a bit of feminism and when they is sober the next day they get back together with their boyfriends?

Sue: What, being lesbian? Are you talking about sexuality?

Ali: Aiii, for real.

[Ali G's questions, Rolling Stone's Mark Binelli once remarked, are so dumb they make Carson Daly look like Jim Lehrer. Among other classic Ali G moments:
* telling Newt Gingrich that he has a massive head
* asking a police officer whether he was barred from covering a protest up close "'cause I is black?" (Ali G is white) and
* asking former U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornburgh to explain the difference between "legal" and "barely legal"...]

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