Four Pillars

Baz Luhrmann, whose production company (Bazmark Inq) was run in accordance with a book of protocols ("The Bazmark Way") to keep his artistic domain fair and efficient, often refered to the Four Pillars of the House of Iona (the rambling Victorian manse which housed the Bazmark headquarters). "Over the years," he once explained, "I've learnt that these four elements are the ones to watch out for in derailing the creative process."

The elements? "Transportation, Communication, Accommodation, and Hair."

[Luhrmann rarely allowed his cast to see him eat, and often spent a few minutes in Hair and Makeup before making his way to the rehearsal floor. indeed, for Luhrmann (whose father's insistence on short hair led to constant ridicule and made his life "hell"), hair remained "a touchstone obsession." His adopted name derives from a nickname which he earned after growing his curly hair long: Basil Brush -- a furry fox puppet on British television -- was the derogatory origin of Baz.]

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