Radio interrupting live performances

The application of new technology to the production of music occasionally has unintended consequesnces, as Japanese musician Hide Chan once discovered: "When you play wireless you have a little receiver that you have to place somewhere

[Hide Chan usually attached it to his guitar strap]... Anyway, sometimes [during concerts] he had the radio frequency of a taxi company on that receiver. So while playing you would sometimes hear things like: 'Car 7, go to the corner at Shibuya and pick up an old lady waiting in front of building'..."

[Fans of the Dutch band "Focus" who attended their concert in Buenos Aires in March 2003 were similarly surprised to hear commentary from a soccer game (between Colon and Banfield) coming through the speakers during quiet moments and in between songs. And in 2001, Italian Environment Minister Willer Bordon threatened to silence Vatican Radio (whose 58 antennae were emitting between 100,000 and 600,000 watts) and charge three of its directors with "electromagnetic pollution" after receiving complaints that many Romans could hear hymns and programs humming through their fridges and phones.]

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