Monica Lewinsky & "Mr. Personality"

In 1998, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was 'debriefed' by agents working for the Office of the Independent Counsel. Their report contained a number of memorable descriptions of Lewinsky's White House encounters with President Clinton, among them this gem:

"A ray of sunshine was shining directly on Lewinsky's face while she performed oral sex to completion on the President. The President remarked about Lewinsky's beauty..."

Cut to April 2003, when Jay Leno learned that Lewinsky had begun to host a new reality dating show entitled "Mr. Personality" in which a "young, beautiful, single woman" was required to court, and eventually choose from, a group of mask-wearing men.

Lewinsky, Leno learned, would also be serving as the bachelorette's confidante, dispensing dating and other advice. "And who better to give dating advice without seeing a man's face," Leno quipped, "than Monica Lewinsky!"

["She also appeared on 'Everwood'," Leno once noted. "Wasn't that her nickname for Bill?"]

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