Edmund Wilson Regrets...

Edmund Wilson, like every successful writer, was swamped with requests for various forms of advice and other assitance. To deal with the flood, he took to sending a standard postcard by way of reply:

"Edmund Wilson regrets that it is impossible for him to: Read manuscripts, write articles or books to order, write forewords or introductions, make statements for publicity purposes, do any kind of editorial work, judge literary contests, give interviews, take part in writers' conferences, answer questionnaires, contribute to or take part in symposiums or 'panels' of any kind, contribute manuscripts for sales, donate copies of his books to libraries, autograph works for strangers, allow his name to be used on letterheads, supply personal information about himself, or supply opinions on literary or other subjects."

To Wilson's dismay, he soon found that people began writing simply to obtain a copy of the postcard.

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