Kurt Cobain & the Turtle Poo

One day in 1986, Kurt Cobain, having decided to acquire some pets, went out and bought half a dozen turtles and placed then in a bathtub in the middle of his living room. Things went well -- until the "turtle poo" began to smell. Cobain's solution? He simply drilled a drain hole -- right in the middle of the living room floor.

[After his marriage to Courtney Love in 1992, Cobain and his hygienically-challenged lover tried to hire a maid to clean up their Seattle digs. One woman walked in to the home, took a look at the surrounding squalor (including masses of old garbage and rotting food), and ran out screaming, "Satan lives here!"]

[In May 2003, a two-headed turtle was found on the edge of a pond in Albany, New York, by a little girl. She thought it was a cool-looking rock -- until the heads moved. It was adopted and placed in a 25-gallon fish tank filled with gravel, water and a plastic plant.]

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