Ice-T -- Cop Killer & censorship

In 1992, Ice-T's "Cop Killer" (released on Body Count by his group of the same name) sparked national debates on censorship and the glorification of violence in the media. Warner Brothers responded to the scandal by having the song removed from later pressings of the album. (Ice-T responded by having Warner Brothers removed from his rolodex and starting his own label.)

Which track replaced "Cop Killer" on the new version? An earlier recording, entitled: "Freedom of Speech

[Just Watch What You Say]."

[Ice-T later compared the song to the National Anthem: "'The Star-Spangled Banner' is about a shootout with the police," he declared. "Paul Revere was running around saying, 'The redcoats is coming,' so he was basically saying, 'Here come the pigs, and a f---up is going down.'" Among the other songs on Body Count? "KKK Bitch" -- a romantic fantasy about having sex with Tipper Gore's nieces.]

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