Marilyn Manson: Sexual Rumors

Like every psychotic goth rocker, Marilyn Manson has always been the subject of ludicrous rumors, among them: that he would commit suicide on Halloween, that he planned to have a single breast implant, that he had spread blood on a baby while giving an autograph (it was lipstick), that he had cut off his own testicles, and that he had performed oral sex (onstage) on Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Flinck while his parents were in the audience.

Manson once addressed the most notorious rumor of all: "People say that I removed my two bottom ribs so that I could perform oral sex on myself, but that's untrue," he explained. "The operation was far too expensive."

[One rumor that's true? While hanging out backstage one night, Manson showed Avril Lavigne his "dildo-cam" -- a dildo with a video camera inside.]

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