Surfer's near death inspires a painting

While surfing one day in 1988 (at Maverick's in California), Darryl "Flea" Virostko was crushed by a giant wave and thrown in the direction of the rocks.

"His leash (which attaches one foot to the board) got caught on an outcropping. Underwater and thrashing baout, Flea frantically reached for his leash, reached for the surface, reached for anything. He finally got his head above water and gasped. Bam! Another wave came crashing down, sending him under. Six more explosions followed, until a rush of water loosened the leash and washed him ashore.

"'I thought I was dead,' said Flea, who was carried home in the fetal position. 'It's like a big fat lady sitting on your head.'

"The day is immortalized in a large and spirited painting [that Shawn "Barney" Barron] made for him, which hangs on the wall. It's Flea riding through a barrel and, hovering above, supernaturally, a pair of giant breasts."

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