Keith Moon: Upshot

While performing with The Who on "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" one night in 1967, Keith Moon decided to surprise the audience by augmenting the band's standard pyrotechnic display with an enormous charge of gunpowder. At the end of "My Generation," Moon detonated his drums.

The upshot? Moon was blown into the air and cut by flying shrapnel from his cymbals. The explosion fried a camera, the studio's monitors, and much of guitarist Pete Townshend's hair, and left Townshend with permanent hearing damage.

[On another occasion, while performing "Won't Get Fooled Again" at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in Queens, New York, Moon's headphones (without which he could not hear the low volume synthesizer sections) caught fire. Moon's response (after being doused by a stagehand with a bucket of water)? "That's what I call pyrotechnics!"]

[The cover of one of The Who's albums depicts Moon sitting in a chair upon which the words "Not to Be Taken Away" are stenciled. He died within weeks of the album's release.]

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