Oliver Herford: Comic Ambition

One day Oliver Herford was solemnly asked by a serious young woman whether he really had no greater ambition than simply making people laugh. "Oh, yes, I have," he solemnly declared, "and one day I hope to fulfill it." "Oh, what is your ambition, Mr. Herford?" the woman asked. "I would like," he replied, "to throw an egg into an electric a fan!"

[In 2004, visitors to the Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden and Zoo in Patna, India, were banned from laughing after a Bihar state politician (Laloo Prasad Yadev) encountered a chapter of the local Laughter Club during an outing: "By cleaning their lungs through laughter," he declared, "people were spreading their diseases... Besides, this kind of laughter also disturbed and frightened the zoo animals."]

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