"Sadly, an anxious world had to wait even longer than originally planned to see that made-for-TV masterpiece, 'John & Yoko: A Love Story.' The reason for the delay was that the actor portraying John Lennon had to be replaced suddenly, when an incident from his past became public knowledge. What? He'd had his name legally changed from 'Mark Chapman' -- a truly unfortunate coincidence."

[Among Lennon's last words (from an interview with RKO earlier in the day): "I am going into an unknown future but I'm still all here. And still, while there's life, there's hope."]

[Yoko Ono's photograph of Lennon's bloodstained spectacles sold at auction in London (in April 2002) for about $13,000. By comparison, the copy of Lennon's Double Fantasy which he had autographed for Mark Chapman just before he was shot sold (in 1998) for $1.8 million.]

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