Wuthering Heights

When Samuel Goldwyn enlisted the veteran screenwriters Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht to adapt Emily Bronte's classic novel Wuthering Heights for the screen, the distinguished critic Alexander Woollcott, fearing that his friends would ruin what was one of his favorite books, invited the men to work at his island retreat on Lake Champlain. Knowing what a snoop their friend could be, the pair left phony pages lying around where Woollcott was certain to find them. Purporting to describe Heathcliff's adventures between his departure from Cathy as a poor Gypsy boy and his return as a man of means, they described him traveling to America and fighting Indians and cattle thieves with blazing six-guns. Sure enough Woollcott found and read the pages. "You vandals!" he shrieked. "You have raped Emily Bronte!" MacArthur's playful reply? "She's been waiting for it for years!"
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