Hold The Cream

The Spectator's Peregrine Worsthorne once discovered a curious side-effect while attempting to break his addiction to anti-depressants:


[I] accidentally discovered, a bit late in the day for me, that [coffee enemas] are a sure-fire remedy for hangovers. No, the cure is not worse than the disease. After the coffee, taken without cream or sugar, has done its detoxifying work -- which takes 15 minutes -- you resume life feeling fresh as a daisy."

["For safety's sake," Worsthorne advised, "ask your doctor about the Gerson Therapy. And by the way, it has also cured my addiction."]

[In his bid to drink coffee in every Starbucks franchise in the world, John Winter Smith once visited 28 outlets in a single day. "That will never happen again," he told The Washington Times. "I was shaking pretty badly after that." According to Starbucks, it can serve a cup of coffee more than 19,000 ways (using five kinds of milk: whole, non-fat, half-and-half, organic and soy).]

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