Though notoriously absentminded U2 frontman Bono Vox usually lost nothing more important than keys, money, socks, and underwear, he occasionally lost more significant articles. Shortly before entering the studio to record October in 1981, for example, Bono lost the lyrics to all of the album's songs.

[Some time later Bono almost lost his life: "At the beginning of the 'October' tour, Bono marched out into the audience waving a white flag. One time, he stepped off a balcony into thin air. His roadie caught him by the belt. The roadie managed to pull the wriggling rock star back up onto the balcony. After that, Bono stopped the flag routine." (The lost lyrics -- which were stolen during a gig along with Bono's visa, some band photos, and other documents -- were returned 24 years later, after they were found in the attic of a woman's home.)]

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