Homesick Amidala

Though she later called her experience working with George Lucas on Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace "one of the most fun movie experiences of my life," Natalie Portman found the schedule incredibly grueling. "Basically what I would do between scenes was go somewhere and cry," she recalled. "When you watch the film, you can actually tell, you can see in lots of scenes that I've been crying and my eyes are red."

Although Portman's friends occasionally dropped by, they were no substitute for her family. Indeed, Natalie was delighted one day to have her mother visiting the set. Ironically, after spotting Queen Amidala in heavy interstellar makeup, she promptly walked up -- and nearly hugged her daughter's body double.

[Portman once observed that by the time the final installment wrapped, she'd have spent eight years working on the Star Wars saga. Said Portman: "I'll have a B.A. in Lucas!"]

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