David Lee Roth: Van Tantrum

Before hitting the stage at a gig one night in Pueblo, Colorado, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth went backstage for a snack. On one buffet table, he was peeved to find something out of place. "What is this before me!?" he exclaimed before overturning the table, trashing the backstage area, and kicking a hole in the wall.

The problem? Roth had found a bowl containing brown M&Ms, which were explicitly forbidden in Van Halen's contract.

[When the band played "Ice Cream Man" at early Van Halen shows, Roth played his "Davesicle" -- a guitar in the shape of a Creamsicle.]

[In October 2003, Guinness rejected a California man's claim to have set a new world record for eating Smarties with chopsticks (115 in three minutes). Jim Hager was disqualified -- for using M&Ms instead.]

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