David Lee Roth: Bondage Club

One evening in the late 1970s, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth accompanied a friend to a famous bondage club in New York City. At one point, Roth paid a visit to the dimly lit men's room, where he was amused to discover a urinal in the shape of a bathtub. As he began to relieve himself, he was interrupted by a voice from below: "A little more to the left," it said...

Roth finished his business and left the scene with several questions on his mind. Chief among them: "Do I tip this guy?"

[In 2004, Virgin Atlantic abandoned plans to install Dutch-made "Kisses" urinals shaped like a woman's open mouth in its first-class clubhouse at New York's JFK Airport (Terminal 4). Ironically, the controversial idea came from a female designer.]

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