Woodstock Moment

At Woodstock in 1969, the radical student leader Abbie Hoffman (famed for writing Steal This Book) interrupted the Who's performance to complain about the festival and to deliver a speech about imprisoned radical John Sinclair. Who guitarist Pete Townshend then interrupted Hoffman's performance -- by kicking him in the bottom, knocking him off the stage and into the crowd.

["When you look back at the flower-power era, it all looks daft," Townshend later declared. "I feel particularly cynical, because I thought it was daft at the time... I didn't like Haight-Ashbury. I didn't like Abbie Hoffman, I didn't like Timothy Leary, and I didn't like Woodstock." Townshend did, however, like experimenting with sex. He once admitted to three gay encounters: two "conscious" and one "unconscious."]

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