Lord Somebody

"As he was driving back to his mansion, Pickfair, Douglas Fairbanks saw an Englishman of aristocratic mien and familiar face trudging along the road in the heat. He stopped to offer him a ride, which the stranger accepted. Still unable to remember the man's name, Fairbanks invited him for a drink and in the course of the conversation attempted to elicit some clues as to the visitor's identity. The visitor seemed to know many of Fairbanks' friends and was evidently well-acquainted with the estate, for he made approving comments on some recent changes. Fairbanks eventually managed a whispered aside to his secretary who had just come in. 'Who is this Englishman? I know he's Lord somebody, but I can't remember his name.' 'That,' replied the secretary, 'is the English butler you fired last month for getting drunk.'"
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