Brendan Behan buys a suit

One day, on the way to meet his parents, Brendan Behan (a noted alcoholic) arrived at his publisher's office wearing pajamas beneath his suit. The publicity director, a friend of the Behan family, took it upon herself to find Brendan more suitable attire:

"On our way to the Euston station we stopped at an outfitter's in a side street off the Euston Road, and although the clothes in the window had little in common with Brendan, we went in. As I busied myself informing the immaculately dressed assistant that we wanted an overcoat, shirt, and a tie, I did not notice that Brendan was preparing himself enthusiastically for the fitting until, too late, he stood in front of us with not a stitch between himself and his maker, his suit and his pajamas bunched in a pile by his tiny bare feet.

"With a dignity that is essentially the mark of a perfect English gentleman, the assistant did not raise an eyebrow as he helped Brendan into his new shirt and back into his trousers as though the sight of a naked customer in his shop was an everyday occurrence."

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