Freudian Dream

"I once took a trip to Spain with [the author] John Dos Passos," e. e. cummings once recalled. "When we got to a town I'd go out to the square or somewhere to see if I could find a girl. Dos would never go with me -- he'd say, 'I'll just stay here in the hotel I think.'

"One day I said to him, 'Dos, don't you ever think about women?' 'No.' What I went through with that man! He'd wake me up in the night, groaning and throwing himself around in his sleep. I'd say, 'What's the matter, Dos?' He'd say, 'Why, I thought there were some beautiful wild swans flying overhead.'

"One day I said, 'You know, sometimes sex appears in dreams in very much disguised forms. You may be dreaming about sex without knowing it. Tell me one of your dreams. What did you dream about last night, for example?' He said, 'Why, I dreamed I had a bunch of asparagus, and I was trying to give it to you.'"

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