Jon Peters: Brainiac Producer

After seeing Kevin Smith's Mallrats, Hollywood mega-producer Jon Peters hired Smith to work on the doomed project Superman Lives. Smith later called Peters a moron. Here's why:

While working on the script, Smith visited Peters at his home in Hollywood. Peters liked the script but said it needed "action beats" every ten minutes -- something to keep viewers on the edges of their seats. One particularly slow point, he added, came near the end of the script, when Brainiac visits Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

"Couldn't Brainiac fight someone?" Peters asked.

"Superman's dead at this point," Kevin explained.

"Couldn't he fight Superman's bodyguards?" Peters suggested.

"Superman's bodyguards?" Smith replied. "He's Superman. Why would he need bodyguards? Plus, it's called the Fortress of Solitude..."

"You're shooting in the arctic -- what about [talking] polar bears?" Peters continued. "He kills one, and the other one runs away [to appease the PETA people]."

"Why polar bears?" Smith asked.

"Because," Peters explained, "they're the fiercest killers in the animal kingdom..."

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