Shanghai Charade

"Reaching Shanghai late one night, [the producer Arthur Mayer] was in his hotel room unpacking when the Chinese equivalent of a house detective knocked on the door. In his best pidgin English the dick asked, 'Want gur?' 'Want what?' asked Mayer. 'Gur' answered the Chinese, and with appropriate gestures indicated what a 'gur' was. The pantomime was so perfect that Mayer soon grasped the idea, but he was anxious only for a bath and a bed. He pointed to his grey hair and eyeglasses as an excuse for his strange lack of interest. As a pantomime artist, however, he was apparently not the equal of the Chinese. Half an hour later, when he emerged from his tub, there was again a knock on the door. The house detective had returned, this time accompanied by a charming if somewhat mature lady, her hair streaked with grey and a pince-nez on her nose."

[In 2001, a Shanghai sex museum was forced to move because a landlord refused to allow the word "sex" to appear on signs outside. (It moved to a former girls' school.)]

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