Bruce Almighty fans place calls to God

In June 2003, shortly after the release of Tom Shadyac's classic comedy Bruce Almighty, a caterer from Greater Manchester named Andy Green complained that he was being plagued by telephone calls from "every religious nut" in England asking whether he was God. (In the film, God leaves his number on the pager of TV reporter Bruce Nolan, played by Jim Carrey.)

"At weekends I'm getting up to 70 calls a day," Green explained. "Most people ring off when they hear my voice. They don't expect God to have a Manchester accent... The problem is, I'm starting to believe I'm God. I might have to go into therapy."

[Green contacted Universal Studios, which explained that the number had been picked because it did not exist in Buffalo, New York, where the film was set. Nonetheless, Americans with "God's phone number" were also plagued by callers, and a radio station set up its own answering service to deal with cranks.]

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