Flashy Racer

The Italian Tazio Nuvolari, widely considered the greatest Grand Prix driver of all time, won the 1930 Mille Miglia, a gruelling race through the Italian countryside, with the flick of a switch. For most of the race, Nuvolari's Alfa-Romeo trailed Achille Varzi's faster Maserati. With the last part of the 1000-mile race finishing in the dark, however, Nuvolari turned off his lights, leading Varzi to believe that he was well ahead and could ease off the gas. Nuvolari quickly caught his unsuspecting rival and, near the finish, flicked on his lights, flashed past the Maserati, and won the race.

[In 1953, Nuvolari died after a thirty year career and a long illness. He was buried in his uniform.]

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